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The Vaganova Method

The Russian School of Ballet teaches classical ballet using the Vaganova method. The main focus of the school's to teach technique accurately while still maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. Dancers that study the Vaganova method develop a strong body and subtle yet explosive way of movement. The technique teaches dancers how to dance free from injury and one of the Russian Ballet Academies primary focuses, is to keep each dancer healthy.

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Make up Policy:

  • If for some reason a dancer is not able to continue in the program, due to injury, relocation, or any other extenuating circumstance, then the remainder of the terms payment that the child is not using will be refunded.
  • There will be no refunds given for sick days; however with a note from the doctor, the dancer will be able to make up their class in a later class which is within range of the child’s skill level. If there is not a class available that meets the child's needs for a makeup, then that amount will be deducted from the following term’s payment.


  • Chewing gum and opened food containers are not permitted into the studio.
  • A short water break will be provided to the students. Power drinks, juices and soda are not permitted in the studio. There is not a water fountain in the studios so please send your dancer in with a water bottle.
  • Lost and found items will be kept for 3 months time, in the designated lost and found area.
  • For any questions please see the owner, S. Catherine Steward.

Drop off & Pick Up

  • Parents and/or Legal Guardians must accompany the dancer into and out of the mill building each and every class, regardless of circumstance, this is for the safety of the dancer. Parents and/or legal guardians are responsible for supervision of their dancer until the dance instructor invites the dancers’ class into the studio.
  • Students are not permitted into the ballet studio without the teacher present.
  • Students are not permitted to dance in the waiting area, this includes stretching and strengthening moves.
  • Class times run prompt, if the parent/legal guardian is anticipating arriving more than 5 minutes after the scheduled end of the class; a courtesy phone call must be made to the school.
  • Students are expected to be dressed in the correct attire and to have used the restroom prior to the start of the class. (Please see attire section)
  • Under extenuating circumstances if a dancers arrives to class late; dancers should wait at the door until the music stops before entering the studio space, and depending on how late they arrive they may be asked to warm up before starting in with the instructed part off class.


Developmental Classes

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These classes are designed to work on motor development skills for children between 2 thru 5 years of age. The concentration for this age group will be on learning general movements to start a dance foundation. Since this class may be many of these students' first experience in a classroom, gentle reinforcement will be provided on class etiquette.

  • Developemental - learn basic motor development skill. Children in these groups learn movement and how to behave in a classroom setting.
  • Ballet I - Ages 6-9 Beginner ballet – focus on building ballet fundamentals and terminology.
  • Ballet II – Ages 7 -10 intermediate – focus on movement and fundamentals. Master terminology.
  • Ballet III – Age 9 – 12 advanced – focus on technique and movement.
  • Ballet IV – age 12 and up beginner-intermediate. Introduction to movement and technique. This is designed for students who have an interest in learning ballet but may have started at an older age.
  • Ballet V – 10 and up pre-pointe – strengthening and technique.
  • Ballet VI – 12 and up intermediate and pre pre-pointe work and point at barre may be introduced – technique.
  • Ballet VII – 12 and up intermediate-advanced pointe introduced in centre and technique.
  • Ballet VIIl – 12 and up advanced full pointe classes – technique and movement.
  • Boys Beginner ballet – focus on building ballet fundamentals and terminology.
  • Boys intermediate – focus on movement and fundamentals. Master terminology.
  • Boys advanced – focus on technique and movement.

Adult classes are designed to get you into ballet shape and learn technique. Whether you have danced for year or you have never danced before classes will be catered to meet the needs of each individual.


Class Level Leotard Waist Band Tights Shoes
Developmental 2-3 yrs Any color None Any color N/A
Developmental 4-6 yrs Ballet Pink None Pink N/A
Level I Ballet pink * Pink Pink leather full sole
Level II Light Blue * White Pink leather full sole
Level III Lavender White White Pink leather full sole
Level IV White White White Pink leather full sole & ribbons Pre-Pointe
Level V Navy White White Pointe
Level VI Burgundy White Pink Pointe
Level VII Forest Green White Pink Pointe
Level VIII Black White Pink Pointe

Class Level Top Bottom Shoes
Boys beginner White T-shirt Black Pants Black or white
Boys intermediate White T-shirt Black Pants Black or white
Boys advanced White T-shirt Black Pants Black or white
Adults Any color* Any color* Any color*

  • Hair that is shoulder length and longer must be in a ballet bun, please clip or hairspray loose pieces of hair back.
  • No shoes are permitted in the studio at any time, there will be a shoe tray/cubbies outside the studio door for dancers to place their shoes. All other belongings can be placed inside the studio, in the provided cubbies.


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55 Main Street, Suite 130
Newmarket NH

Russian Ballet Academy NH
55 Main Street, Suite 130
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